Professional Reviews - What Experts Are Saying About Resilience Company

Reviewed and Approved by Professionals.

Here are just a few endorsements from some of the professionals who have reviewed The Resilience Deck.

Get back on track with life

“I especially like the fact that this deck is great for someone looking to get back on track with life and routine… but also for someone who is trying to be proactive with their well-being. As someone who is especially interested in sharing the message of proactive health and actionable steps to be healthier - I believe that many could benefit from the prompts, positive affirmations, and activities throughout this deck."

Reduce the worry

“This deck can reduce the worry of saying the wrong thing, of not knowing how to show up or to validate another's experience. This deck is a tool that can be used whether professionally and/or personally to normalize conversations about grief, which may remove the constraints and shame of grief, especially when others do not seem to understand it.”

Addresses questions and concerns

“Some of the most frequent comments I have heard in my experience of bereavement support are: “People don’t understand”, “I need and want to be heard”, “I didn’t know it would be so hard in so many ways”, “Will this pain ever stop“. With The Resilience Deck, the topics are well thought out and holistic. It addresses the many questions and concerns often voiced by those in pain and need. It also points out areas that may not have been realized or addressed.”

Elisabeth Vandervecht, GriefShare Facilitator

Highly recommend this resource

“The Resilience Deck is an excellent tool to help foster insight, empowerment, and most of all healing. As a therapist and registered social worker, I would highly recommend this resource to fellow colleagues. The categories and questions provide individuals who are struggling with loss, life transitions, and challenges an opportunity to explore their personal experiences and highlight their own personal resiliency."

Kimberly Aube-Nixon MSW RSW

A tool to strengthen relationships

“This deck is not only useful in my personal life but I’m looking forward to using it with my students as well. I’ll use the prompts to teach empathy, compassion, and self-reflection skills. I highly recommend this deck as a tool to strengthen relationships through important questions we ask each other and ourselves.”

Christina B, School Teacher