guide for coping with grief, loss, and life's toughest seasons
guide for coping with grief, loss

Navigate grief, loss, and life's
challenges with confidence.

Effective tools for Christian families to become more resilient and joyful.

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The Resilience Deck

Your portable guide through grief, loss and challenging seasons of life. This multipurpose deck serves as a reliable tool for the challenges you face. It aims to guide you step-by-step through The Resilience Company’s simple 5-Step Resilience Roadmap, offering strategies and reflections to help you process and find a way forward.

Resilience Deck

4 Ways to Use

Journaling and self-reflection


Journaling and self-reflection



Get more out of your therapy sessions and never run out of things to talk about.

Support Groups

Support Groups

Clear framework that groups can effectively work through together.

Friends & Family

Unsure of what to say? Support a loved one through helpful conversations.

Grow through what you go through.

We all come face-to-face with challenging seasons in life; no one is alone in this. This may include the loss of a loved one, marital challenges, health diagnoses, or anything in between.

As a parent with an already full plate, these challenges can overwhelm every aspect of your life. With little time to process the situation and the accompanying overwhelm, confusion, and exhaustion, even simple tasks can seem impossible during tough times.

At The Resilience Company, we get it.

That's why, in collaboration with professionals, we've created an easy-to-follow 5-Step Resilience Roadmap designed to provide you with clarity and confidence on your path forward. This roadmap can help you effectively process and navigate challenges, ultimately emerging as a resilient individual ready to embrace a vibrant future with your family.

 guide through grief, loss, and challenging seasons of life